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SyncSpect-Telemedicine Visual Inspection Kit

Single device for multiple subject – 3 type of inspection camera, for 5+ subject. Capture the image and video instantly.
Suitable for house call and clinic.

Turn-key telemedicine solution – Portable workstation and video streaming. Software. Ideal tools for patient
communication and remote consulting.

Digital inspection tool
Interchangeable camera probe
Including: Otoscope, Intraoral camera,
General specula
Video steaming software
Remote capture control
Clinic Image storage
Data output
Pro table workstation
Water and impact durable
Ready for house call
and telemedicine

Digital medical device for visual inspection

● SyncVision iO1 OTO Pro main device x1

● General Specula for oral/nose/dermal:HD Flexible camera probe Ø50mmx200(L)mm x15

● Intraoral camera for dental:HD Flexible camera probe:Ø5.0mmx120(L)mm x1

● Otoscope for ear:HD solid ear camera probe:Ø5.0mmx40(L)mm x 1

Designated video streaming software

● Live video streaming, by WiFi or USB cable. Display the inspection video in real time, in the workstation monitor or exterior screen.
● Capture the clinical image and video. Remote capture control with the handheld inspection device.
● Ready to be used along with 3rd party conference platform. With desktop sharing enabled, real-time remote inspection can be realized.

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