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Multifunctional VET Otoscope with Wifi!

SyncVision Technology Corporation specializes in medical equipment R&D, manufacturing and marketing. We endeavor to create, develop and manufacture the most advanced video otoscope and Vet endoscope which bridges the gap between Vet and pet owners.

Our Vet otoscope allows doctors to review on screen immediately and changeable probe to adapt different exam condition. It increases efficiency of each treatment process and offer instant communication between Vet and pet owners.

Apart from the establishment of a complete quality control system and through the ISO13485 quality system certification, all of our products have been certified by FDA, CE & ISO certification.

Features of iO1 Elite Vet are as follows:

  1. Helps Vet to communicate with pet owners easily
  2. Multifunction: Suitable for Ear, Nose, Teeth, Skin
  3. Compatible with mainstream VET specula (H-brand)
  4. Wifi mode connect to Windows, Android & IOS
  5. CE, ISO and FDA certification
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