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Intraoral camera -iO1 Pro

SYNC VISION intraoral camera makes medical treatment simple and easy. It increases efficiency and shortens the time of each treatment process. It eliminates patient's worries about treatment by offering clear communication between the dentist and patient.
No wiring, No installation, built-in battery. Compared to the traditional intraoral camera that has many wire connections, our cordless product is much simpler and easy to use.
There are two grasp methods to operate device. High quality images and videos can be instantly captured and stored in the device by a single click on the freeze button. Click the left & right button to review
Flexible probe and long ear probe makes it easy for veterinarians to navigate and observe different parts of ear and throat.
Image and videos can be captured by one click;it would automatically be saved and reviewedon screen. Both veterinarian and pet ownercould easy to see the checking condition.
Built-in LCD allows veterinarians and pet owners to immediately see the images and videos of the ear and throat.
Built-in LCD allows ENT doctors to review a crystal vision immediately. Quick set-up, No wiring, No Installation, Built-in battery; it is a smart and simpler device for otolaryngologist.
This feature prevents blurriness problems byproviding brightness adjustment to adapt to different inspection conditions.
Portable Micro SD card with above 8GB memory capacity allows users to save over 10,000 images and videos, which can be transferred via USB cable to the computer.
Battery status and level are displayed on the LCD screen. 3.7V/ 1620mAh for 3 hours runtimeconditions.
A video outlet enables synchronized display of the images and videos on an external monitor, improving the communication between the dentists and patients.