FAQ - Sync Vision-杏澤科技股份有限公司


1Is the specula compatible with the other brands? How would I acquire these disposable parts?
The specula is compatible with renowned brands in the market. You can either purchase from us or try your current ones if you like.
2When I capture the picture and videos, why is there no response?
Please make sure that you have inserted the SD card. If the issue persists, please contact us for further support.
3How can I transfer and review the file on my PC?
There are 2 ways. The first one is connect the device to your PC via a USB cable. The second way is connect your device to a PC via WIFI. Please see the user manual for details.
4Why does my device turn in to black screen after I put it down for a while?
The device will automatically initiate sleep mode when sitting idle for a few minutes. You simply have to push the capture button to wake it.
5How do I clean the device properly?
You can utilize alcohol or disinfectant, and wipe the surface easily. Also, disposable parts are recommended for operation.
6I can observe the environment, however, when I put the device into ear, it goes all dark.
Please ensure you have the light on, at lease for the lowest level of illumination when you probe into ear canal.
7I am not able to connect the device to my PC with WIFI.
Please ensure you have enabled the WIFI in the setting for the device. See WIFI user manual for further instructions.